An island of vivid color and natural wonder, Vanuatu offers both adventure and relaxation. Admire the sheer mountain backdrop, the bubbling volcanoes, the golden sunsets and misty waterfalls.

Like most islands in the Pacific, Vanuatu provides year-round swimming conditions with temperatures ranging between 73 to 82 degrees. November to March is the wet season where Vanuatu experiences warm temperatures, high humidity and rainfall. From April to October is Vanuatu’s dry season and a peak time for tourists. Temperatures in Vanuatu at night can be quite cool particularly during the dry season.

Vanuatu is a culturally diverse country with many customs and traditional celebrations. Some of the island’s most exciting events occur during the peak tourist season when weather conditions are at their best. On July 30, Vanuatu celebrates its independence with traditional dance ceremonies, sports events and other festivities. Another traditional celebration worth witnessing is Naghol, also known as the Pentercost Land Dive. Not for the faint hearted, Naghol sees young men perform a traditional bungee dive from tree towers using only vines tied to their legs. This fertility ritual takes place every Saturday during April and June.