Visualize a peaceful island paradise and Tahiti’s iconic overwater bungalows are likely to come to mind. Perched just above the sparkling waters edge and surrounded by palm trees and white sand, Tahiti and its picturesque bungalows are the heart of French Polynesia. Relax and recharge on a Tahiti getaway.

Tahiti is home to tropical weather and bathes in sunlight for most of the year. From November to April the islands experience summer which also marks the wet season. During this period the average temperature is approximately 84 degrees and humidity is high. February and March are the hottest months of the year and rainfall and storms are very common during this time. The dry season hits in May and continues through to October. This season is low in humidity but is still relatively sunny and warm with an average temperature of 79 degrees, making it the best time to visit this island paradise.

During this season a number of festivals and celebrations take place. In June and July the island celebrates Heiva i Tahiti, which is Tahiti’s largest annual cultural festival. Throughout Heiva i Tahiti, a range of dance, music, art, traditional sports, boat races, cultural activities and even a Miss Tahiti pageant takes place.