A tropical paradise on earth, the islands scattered throughout the South Pacific inspire relaxation, mediation and contemplation. The most difficult part of a South Pacific adventure is  actually choosing which South Pacific island to go to.

While essentially they all encompass the palm-fringed, white-sandy beaches and turquoise lagoons we all dream of, there are subtle differences to be found. For example, New Caledonia combines a stunning tropical setting with charming French culture, meaning you can snorkel some of the world’s finest reefs followed by some of the world’s finest cuisine.

On the other hand, Fiji offers a more laidback pace complete with friendly local culture, village visits and a chance to live on ‘island time.’ Taking the concept even further, the raw, rugged and reasonably crowd-free Cook Islands are the stuff of castaway dreams.

For the ultimate in island luxury though, few can pass up the chance of a blissful over-water bungalow in Tahiti. The French Polynesian Island has long been the island of choice for honeymoon fantasies and indulgent holidays thanks to its fantastic range of luxury accommodation options and equally luxurious surrounds. For authentic Polynesian culture, head to the treasured islands of Samoa - beautiful, pristine and unspoiled. 

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