The city of dreams, hope and liberty, New York continues to inspire, enthuse and surprise. Once you take a small bite of the big apple, you’ll want to keep chomping right to the core and then some more. It's time for you to take your New York holiday.

The English took control of what is now Manhattan from the Dutch in 1664, and subsequently changed the name from Nieuw Amsterdam to New York. The city soon grew as an important trading port through the eighteenth century, followed by sustained periods of immigration well into the twentieth century. In the early 1920s New York became the most populous region in the world, becoming the first megacity in the 1930s. It is this vibrant mix of cultures that generates the intense pulsating beat of modern New York City.

Like the city itself, New York’s weather is one of extremes. In summer the mercury rises to around 84 degrees, while in winter daytime temperatures average about 37 degrees. Therefore summers are usually humid, while snow covers the city in winter. The shoulder seasons of Spring and Autumn offer respite from the extremes.

New York is home to significant international organizations including the United Nations, three US stock exchanges and many banking and investment firms. This is a very important city. The city presents a pivotal point for dozens of industries including media, advertising, fashion, the arts and publishing. Wealth generated in the city account for around nine per cent of the American economy.