Only open to the outside world since 1970, the Sultanate of Oman is an underrated gem in the Middle East region and the stuff of Arabian legends. The tropical desert climes and Arabian Sea locale make Oman a year-round destination with warm oceanic temperatures and world-renowned beautiful beaches laden with white sand and lapped by shimmering turquoise waters.

The sheer variety of terrain within Oman will take your breath away. From the cool and verdant ‘Green Mountains’ or Jebel Akhdar and the barren lunar landscapes of the Hajjr ranges to the Omani Grand Canyon where villages perch precariously on ragged escarpments and yawning chasms – it’s truly a sight to behold. Take a 4WD drive through steep sandy dunes to uncover hidden oases and secluded sinkholes for a quick dip, or dive into the sea to discover coastal scenery, wrecks and underwater sights.

The capital Muscat has been voted the world’s cleanest city with immaculate amenities and modern facilities in one of the most peaceful countries on the globe. Buildings are capped at 10 stories so as not to detract from the dramatic scenery, and historic forts and Bedouin souks share space with 6-star hotels and contemporary mosques in this most intriguing of lands.