Steeped in mystery and wonder, Jordan is a Middle Eastern country rising from the desert sands. Year-round sunshine casts a golden glow on this intriguing nation where cool evenings offer a respite from the summer heat. One of the most liberal Middle Eastern nations, Jordan is home to primeval natural sights and eco tourism, and modern cities and ancient attractions.

Arid and desolate, towering granite cliffs carved by nature are juxtaposed against fine, shifting sands at Wadi Rum where time seems to stand still. Canyons and waterholes reveal rock art and curious shapes on the lunar landscape are best traversed with a Bedouin guide by camel or hot air balloon. Petra, that vast city carved into the rosy cliffs by the Nabataeans, is an outstanding example of man versus nature and a must-see sight.

At the depths of Earth’s surface, the saline Dead Sea and stunning surrounds are renowned for its mineral-rich composition where you can float in the water or luxuriate in the rejuvenating mud for blissful wellbeing. Contrasting the new and the old is Jordan’s capital Amman, situated between the desert and the fecund valley, perfectly encapsulating the appeal of this timeless wonder.