As an island country, beaches are very much a part of the Australian holiday DNA. A drive to the closest sandy spot for a swim between the flags followed by some local fish and chips wrapped in newspaper. If there was just one quintessential Australian experience, this would probably be it. But then again the coastline is just the tip of the country so to speak. In terms of holiday experiences, Australia has so much more to discover.

When it comes to traveling in the great southern land, diversity is the name of the game. There’s the red raw outback where travelers gather from all around the world to hike through the bush and see the sunset work its colorful magic over Uluru.

There are wine regions where a glass of red is best enjoyed with a stunning view. Bustling cities where streets and laneways form a maze of coffee shops, bars and shopping to explore, and lush tropical rainforests that hum to a soundtrack of local wildlife and tranquil waterfalls.

And of course, if you’re looking to take that quintessential Australian adventure to the next level, there are always our pristine islands. Where beaches beam with bright white sand, fish and chips are served in restaurants with an ocean view and Australia’s greatest natural wonder, the Great Barrier Reef, awaits you. So, what are you waiting for?  

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