Explore the sheer beauty of Vietnam and immerse yourself within its diverse and striking culture. This land of emerald waters, eclectic cuisine, bustling streets and serene rice paddies that will awaken the senses and open your mind up to a unique way of life. Enjoy it all on a Vietnam holiday.

From tropical beaches, steamy jungles and snowcapped mountains, Vietnam’s weather is as vast as its terrain. North Vietnam is the coolest part of the country and during winter from November to January, average temperatures can drop to 59 degree temperatures. Winter in the north can be quite wet and it is common for the mountainous regions to experience snow. Summer in Vietnam takes place from April to October when the country experiences hot and humid climate. The south experiences warm temperatures throughout the year and is particular susceptible to the summer monsoon season where rainfall reaches its peak during June, July and August. Though it is known to be cooler, temperatures in North Vietnam can still measure up to 104 degrees during summer.

Due to its diverse weather, the best time to visit Vietnam is subject to the region. Tourists tend to flock to Vietnam in July and August as well as over the Christmas break. However July and August are not the best times to visit the country as typhoons have been known to hit during these months. Avoid the crowds and typhoons by visiting North Vietnam during March and April when the days are still warm but the humidity has dropped off. December through to April is best for visiting Central and South Vietnam as the weather is much drier and cooler.

Vietnamese New Year, also known as Tet Nguyen Dan, is celebrated during the Lunar New Year and is always a major spectacle and tourist attraction. The event is very much a family affair where loved ones return home to celebrate together and take part in traditional customs. This time isn’t always the best for tourists as a lot of businesses close down, although The Giao Thua (New Year’s Eve) celebrations are worth participating in. This is when the festivities reach their peak with pounding drums, firecrackers, colorful lights, dragon boats races and delicious feasts.