For an intimate Thai experience, the town of Krabi on the west coast of the peninsula offers authenticity, relaxation and the perfect launch pad for a variety of water-based activities. This is largely unaffected Thailand, where the locals generously welcome visitors to the region.

Situated 1000km south of Bangkok, Krabi was elevated to town status by King Chulalongkorn in 1872. Today tourism remains an important industry, with the region being immortalized by Leonardo Di Caprio when he starred in the film, The Beach, which was filmed on a nearby Island. Activities are focused around the waterways, with numerous tropical islands just beckoning for exploration.

Krabi essentially has two seasons – the hot and the wet. The wet season lasts from May to November and is typified with sustained heavy rain. The hot season is the preferred time to visit the region, ideally between January and February. The mercury rarely drops below 80 degrees year round and rises to an average of 90 degrees.