Ever since the first explorers set sail in search of riches and new lands, travelers have been seduced by the lure of exotic locations, priceless treasures and the opportunity to follow some of world’s most epic ocean journeys. The siren’s call continues to tempt intrepid travelers eager to experience adventure on the seas where the prize is unparalleled sights and indelible memories.

Imagine sailing on a tall ship or bunking on a massive freighter vessel on a specialty cruise to a remote location. You could be escaping to the icy extremes of Antarctica on an icebreaker, taking an expedition ship to the Galápagos Islands, tracing the steps of Arctic explorers in Alaska, or navigating the coral atolls of the South Pacific. What sets an expedition and adventure cruise apart from a more traditional luxury cruise is the opportunity to witness the magnificence of far-flung locales and oceanic landscapes up close and at the whim of the elements.

On an expedition and adventure cruise from niche companies, travelers can expect expert commentary from guides with insightful lectures and discussions to complement the stunning sights you’ll witness. Ship sizes can range from large vessels to smaller ships capable of reaching remote locations. Onboard comfort can also vary from 5-star amenities to just the basics – depending on your trip. Most expedition vessels have Zodiac inflatables to allow you to traverse the wilderness and for wet stops - onshore excursions that are so isolated you can only access them by water.

For those who have dreamt of stowing away on a traditional sailboat from another era, a trip on a tall ship is the journey of a lifetime. You can follow the ancient trade routes through Spice Islands and tropical locales and take historic voyages from yesteryear with all the modern conveniences and equipment of today.

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